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Now in our seventh year of operation, New Markets Media & Intelligence is a full service strategic advisory and communications company with a team of experts on all aspects of news, media, research, events, marketing and branding. Our specialist focus areas are in emerging and frontier markets, technology, ESG and impact investing. 

A UK Companies House-registered organization, we are 100% owned by London Stock Exchange-listed APQ Global, the investment firm of ex-Morgan Stanley co-head of global emerging markets Bart Turtelboom.

Our editorial team includes some of the most experienced writers on emerging markets, technology and ESG & impact investing, with the analytical skills to develop and deepen commentary, press releases, research papers, offering documents, presentations, pitch decks and websites. Editorial content is amplified and projected to your target audience through our media relations, social media and events experts. Our talented branding and design team works symbiotically to present your ideas and concepts through instantly recognisable logos, straplines, infographics, newsletters and websites.

  • Gavin Serkin

    Gavin Serkin

    Founder & Managing Editor
    An impassioned advocate of responsible investment, Gavin has been a prominent writer, broadcaster and commentator... More
  • Boason Omofaye

    Boason Omofaye

    Broadcast & Events
    Nigeria’s foremost business and markets broadcast journalist, producer and show anchor with 30 years experience,... More
  • Kanika Saigal

    Kanika Saigal

    Africa & Debt
    Kanika is an experienced journalist, communications and PR expert covering finance and development in sub-Saharan... More
  • Niveen Waheesh

    Niveen Waheesh

    MENA Editorial
    A journalist with more than 20 years experience covering Egypt, Niveen has written on a... More
  • Anne Field

    Anne Field

    ESG & Impact
    New York
    A multi-award winning business journalist, writer and editor, Anne's articles have been published by likes of... More
  • Jason Mitchell

    Jason Mitchell

    Investing & Infrastructure
    The former Editor of Financial Times magazine Investment Adviser and the News Editor for Financial... More
  • Morolake Agbesua

    Morolake Agbesua

    Africa & Marketing
    Lagos & London
    A specialist writer on Nigeria, Morolake has worked with several media companies in Lagos, reporting... More
  • Temple Asaju

    Temple Asaju

    TV & video
    Lagos & London
    A business and finance broadcast journalist, Temple's worked spans investigative journalism with Lagos-based Proshare Nigeria and... More
  • Dominic Hale

    Dominic Hale

    Energy & Renewables
    Formerly editor of the United Nations-affiliated Planet B magazine, the sole title present within the... More
  • Jules Serkin

    Jules Serkin

    Social Media & Marketing
    Simply Google “custard shortage” for a taste of Jules’s inimitable campaign style: her tongue-in-cheek rant... More
  • Carly Minsky

    Carly Minsky

    Technology & Investing
    A founding senior journalist at the Financial Times publication, Sifted - which focuses on innovation... More
  • Alan Mash

    Alan Mash

    Podcasts & virtual events
    Over four decades in the music and production arena, Alan has worked for some of... More
  • Emily Carter

    Emily Carter

    Emily has worked across digital marketing and events photography, with skills in digital photography and... More
  • Kalyani Inampudi

    Kalyani Inampudi

    ESG & Impact Investment
    Immersed in ESG and impact investment, Kalyani brings sophisticated understanding of the emerging frameworks and... More
  • Katherine Steiner-Dicks

    Katherine Steiner-Dicks

    Private Equity & Venture
    Kate is a business sector analyst, editor, investment journalist, ghost writer and public speaker specialising... More
  • Ben Edwards

    Ben Edwards

    Emerging & Frontier Markets
    Latin America
    Ben is an experienced financial journalist and copywriter, having previously been a reporter at Dow... More
  • Xinyi Li    李欣忆工作照

    Xinyi Li 李欣忆工作照

    PR & Communications
    Former manager at Bank of Communications of China in Beijing, Xinyi has considerable experience in... More
  • Lakshmi Nair

    Lakshmi Nair

    ESG consultancy coordinator
    Lakshmi's career in business and marketing began at Siemens, where she applied skills honed through... More
  • Katie Clarke

    Katie Clarke

    Business Manager
    With brand experience of marketing for FTSE listed companies to charities and tech start ups,... More
  • Ken Lloyd

    Ken Lloyd

    Branding & Design
    A veteran of some of the UK’s most iconic marketing campaigns at top London advertising... More
  • Nisaa Jetha

    Nisaa Jetha

    Advisor, ESG & Impact
    A global strategist, impact professional and trained solicitor with asset management experience, Nisaa launched an... More
  • Vincent Nwanma

    Vincent Nwanma

    Economy & investment
    Vincent Chikwendu Nwanma is a versatile analyst, researcher and journalist who has reported for Inter Press... More
  • Sherine Abdel Razek

    Sherine Abdel Razek

    MENA Editorial Deputy Manager
    Sherine brings two decades of experience in covering economic and business news with a special... More
  • Wajhi Khawaja

    Wajhi Khawaja

    ESG Services Consultant
    Wajhi brings diverse experience from commerce and marketing with Bell Canada to developing B2B connections... More
  • John McLeod

    John McLeod

    Blockchain & Crypto
    John has advised multiple blue chip companies, particularly those looking to disrupt the traditional industries... More
  • Amy Fallon

    Amy Fallon

    Africa & Health
    As a journalist and media consultant living and working in Africa and Southeast Asia, Amy... More
  • Will Rankin

    Will Rankin

    Middle East & Energy
    Will has been behind multiple front page news stories while writing for leading publications including The... More
  • Marc Prema-Ratner

    Marc Prema-Ratner

    Events & PR
    Marc's media career began at UK publishing, networking and events giant EMAP, where he held... More
  • Liz Asteraki

    Liz Asteraki

    Agriculture & Business
    With a doctorate in entomology, Liz is experienced in working within governmental and intergovernmental sectors... More
  • Tawanda Karombo

    Tawanda Karombo

    Africa & Business
    A business journalist covering South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, Tawanda focuses on mining,... More
  • Dan Noonan

    Dan Noonan

    Strategic Communications
    New York
    The former Global Head of Strategic Communications at Citi and Global Head of Communications at... More
  • Cyril Zenda

    Cyril Zenda

    Africa Writer
    During his 20 years as a journalist, Cyril has worked for Zimbabwe's leading newspapers including... More
  • Rob Parker

    Rob Parker

    Websites & Design
    Rob has been working in the design and web industry since 1998, and has built... More
  • Ken Herron

    Ken Herron

    Social Media & Marketing
    A top-ranked Internet of Things (IoT) expert and the second most-followed Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter worldwide,... More
  • Andrew Draper

    Andrew Draper

    Shipping & Trade
    Andrew brings deep experience of international maritime and trade, having covered shipping as a journalist... More
  • Kaswar Klasra

    Kaswar Klasra

    South Asia Writer
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    An experienced journalist from Pakistan, Kaswar's stories are published widely by domestic media such as... More