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Strategic analysis

Our investigative, deep dive assessments and advisory on developing countries and technology is trusted by policy and corporate strategists for core decision making. Assignments range from understanding the hierarchy of governments and patron-client networks to industrial and economic forecasting.

Our published works provide a window into a few of the many areas of analysis.

In our latest book, Chain Reaction: How Blockchain Will Transform the Developing World (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), authors Paul Domjan, Gavin Serkin, Brandon Thomas and John Toshack divide the world in two:

For some, blockchain seems a poor substitute for an efficient banking and regulatory system in which transactions are settled instantly and contracts are underpinned by solid institutions.

For others, it will be truly life-changing – namely those living in countries where rule of law is weak, concepts of ownership are vague and, consequently, trust in institutions is in scarce supply. With blockchain, we are about to witness a leapfrogging – one that will bring the next billion emerging consumers into the formal economy by creating reliable institutions of contract, ownership and trust among people previously denied such luxuries.

"Chain Reaction is a great introduction to the subject of blockchain and its transformative potential in emerging markets. On-the-ground reporting brings the issues to life and the exchange of views between the authors keeps the reader aware that this is a developing story with a long way to go." Jonathan Wheatley, Emerging Markets Editor at The Financial Times. 

Chain Reaction is showcasing how blockchain is revolutionizing governance, building trust around the developing world, with many examples of what blockchain can do for society,” said Arunma Oteh, former World Bank Treasurer, now Academic Scholar at the University of Oxford. 

“The scenario approach is the perfect way to step beyond the clichés about blockchain and explore the full range of possibilities in a rich and compelling way—and you simply could not ask for better guides,” said Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist, BBC presenter and author of The Undercover Economist.

“A thoroughly enjoyable primer for understanding blockchain, distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies, and a wonderful insight into how the technology that started with Bitcoin is being applied today. Highly recommended,” wrote Mark Mobius, former Executive Chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, and Founding Partner of Mobius Capital Partners.

The Financial Times cites Chain Reaction to help explain why crypto uptake is so much greater in emerging markets and how blockchain based solutions are more likely to be ‘good enough’ in countries where institutions of trust are weakest.

"Chain Reaction is an important publication that strips away the focus on technology and puts the emphasis on culture and how blockchain will change the way emerging countries operate" - Mob76 Outlook

"An approachable and comprehensible read on the wonders to come from blockchain" - African Business

Blockchain: why does some innovation succeed while others fail? - The Armchair Trader

Watch our authors discuss Chain Reaction on Joseph Kopser's Catalyst Talks via the link below.

Chain Reaction Podcast

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New Markets CEO Gavin Serkin's previous book Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow (Bloomberg/ Wiley) was rated a "must read" by The Financial Times: "Serkin certainly set the standard with Frontier. Written from firsthand experience, it is laced through with the insights of fund managers who invest billions in these markets and is furnished with necessary data to reinforce his observations. Frontier is a must read for investors wanting to find out how valuation in emerging markets really works."

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Beyond books, we are an established publisher of thought leadership, white papers, research reports, op-eds and more, and broadcasts, podcasts, webcasts and other interactive multimedia formats.

One example is our research on the case for investment to address Africa's critical healthcare infrastructure deficit. Our sector analysis, African Demands for Post-Covid Healthcare Align Impact with Opportunity, prompted several media articles including a thought leadership piece on CNBC: Foreign investors are gearing up to plug Nigeria’s $82 billion health-care gap.

Our expertise is utilised by companies to collaborate on white papers, setting the agenda on key industry issues. We conduct surveys for original source data and drive awareness campaigns.

We are a trusted resource for CEOs considering expansion into new markets and adopting new technologies, providing strategic analysis to clients including Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC, and intelligence firms such as Kroll.