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New Markets Media & Intelligence has been appointed as adviser to the Macroeconomics and Governance Division, Macroeconomic and Analysis Section (MAS) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), in Addis Ababa.

Specifically, we are responsible for developing an advocacy and communications strategy to raise international awareness and support for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s work on the Liquidity and Sustainability Facility and Special Drawing Rights.

Our work also incorporates:

* Analytical support to African countries in the areas of development planning, macroeconomic analysis and economic on behalf of UNECA

* Presenting key messages from reports developed by UNECA as clear succinct 1 page briefs for use in international advocacy

* Developing blogs and social media feeds in coordination with the Communications section of UNECA 

* Creating promotional and advocacy materials, such as data visualization on all aspects of the UNECA’s work

* Work with the development planning team on the Integrated Planning and Reporting Tool

* Communication materials, including thought leadership, key messages, flyers, briefs, and data-driven content


The Nigerian Voice: Côte d'Ivoire Joins Countries Aligning UN SDGs with African Union Targets in Policy Planning Tool

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UNECA: African Nations Align on Sustainable Development Reporting Using UNECA Toolkit

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