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How significant is Africa vs. US, China, India or Europe?

Africa is bigger than China, the US, Europe and India – COMBINED!

This is reflected in its resources: 60% of the world’s arable land is in Africa. The continent holds around 30% of the world’s known mineral reserves – more than any other continent - from diamonds and gold to oil and gas. It’s also the most important region for the components of new technology: copper, cobalt and graphite.

It is reflected in Africa's population: Kinshasa, capital of DRC, and Lagos, Nigeria's commercial hub, are destined to become the first cities with over 80 million people, according to the International Institute of Environment & Development. This is also the only continent where the working-age population is growing as a proportion of total. 

We believe such resource and human capital must ultimately be reflected in the growth of Africa's economies, which is why the continent is our single biggest focus for research and media content, reflecting the opportunity for investment with unparalleled social impact.

One example is Africa's critical healthcare infrastructure deficit. See our sector research report: African Demands for Post-Covid HealthcareAlign Impact with Opportunity for Investors and a report based on our research on CNBC: Foreign investors are gearing up to plug Nigeria’s $82 billion health-care gap.