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What is my legal risk in emerging markets compared with the developed world?

Of the 40 countries where investors have greatest legal protection, 30 are emerging markets. 

For example, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Saudi Arabia beat Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

This is according to "Strength of Investor Protection" rankings, official measurements by the World Bank based on the extent of disclosure and director liability, and the potential for bringing shareholder lawsuits.

Our work at New Markets Media & Intelligence campaigns for developing countries to be assessed on the basis of true risk, rather than risks perceived through lack of information or access, or investor and media bias. 

A big part of our discussions at events and with media is focused on truly understanding the nature of risk in business and financial markets. Comments from the anti-Africa bias webinar, for example, prompted an article exploring the issues raised on CNBC: ‘Enormous bias’ clouds international approach to African debt relief, experts say

At New Markets Media & Intelligence, we have deep experience of driving effective strategic analysis and informed discussion of risk on behalf of governments and some of the world's biggest investors, companies and research institutions, such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Amundi, Africa Finance Corp. and Singapore’s President, Prime Minister and sovereign wealth fund.  

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