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Is the world's most significant economy US or China?

Number of countries reliant on the US as their biggest trading partner: 50

Number of countries reliant on China as their biggest trading partner:  120

Assets of national reserve bank:
US        $3.7 trillion
China    $4.2 trillion

The emergence of China’s economy is the biggest factor behind more than a billion people coming out of extreme poverty since 1990. China’s Belt and Road initiative continues to transform the outlook for regions from South Asia to East Africa and beyond.

This is why truly understanding China is so crucial. At New Markets Media & Intelligence, we have deep experience in advising on socioeconomic and geopolitical trends and driving effective strategic analysis and informed discussion on behalf of governments and some of the world's biggest investors, companies and institutions, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Amundi, Africa Finance Corp. and Singapore’s President, Prime Minister and sovereign wealth fund. 

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