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ESG & Impact

We combine deep knowledge and experience in global finance with a practical understanding of impact investing and ESG, together with unparalleled skills in communication through the highest profile events, media social media and other current platforms. As one example, in 2019 we produced the first open-source white paper setting out clearly how a major investor was measuring and monitoring the environmental, social and governance impact of its portfolio companies.

The white paper, Impact is the New Normal – compiled and produced from concept to completion by New Markets – can be viewed in full here:


We generated awareness through extensive media coverage and international investor events. This led directly to companies working in coordination with Actis to apply the same framework and principles to their own impact and ESG measurement.

Next, we coordinated Actis with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) to lead a survey of asset owners, including the world’s largest pension funds and family offices, on their impact investing and ESG priorities and the challenges they face in deploying capital.

Our Roadmap To ESG

Implementing ESG

  • Key financial drivers?
  • Opportunities for long-term value creation?
  • Which ESG factors are integral to value creation?
  • How do they relate to key metrics of financial performance?
  • Adjust variables for ESG
  • How is the company’s fair value impacted?
  • What is the ESG impact on short-term and long-term financial performance?
  • Which KPI’s can be used to measure a company’s performance on material ESG issues?
  • Compared to its peers, what is the company’s overall relative ESG