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Books currently in progress include Chain Reaction: How Blockchain will Transform the Developing World (Macmillan, 2020) by Paul Domjan, Gavin Serkin, Brandon Thomas and John Toshack

Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow (Bloomberg/ Wiley) by Gavin Serkin is a vivid travelogue of countries with the potential to lead economic growth in the coming decade.

Through compelling narrative, we encounter first hand the corruption, violence and related problems that keep most investors away, as well as inspirational breakthroughs that will make some of these countries impossible to ignore.


Financial Times wrote: "As a book on emerging markets, Serkin certainly set the standard with Frontier. Written from firsthand experience, it is laced through with the insights of fund managers who invest billions in these markets and is furnished with necessary data to reinforce his observations. Frontier is a must read for investors wanting to find out how valuation in emerging markets really works."

Business Day wrote: "The book is a gripping, powerful tale of the future flow of wealth and investment, told in a convincing free-flowing gusto and which certainly pulls some levers on how an investor should think about his next destination. It is an absorbing story of ten countries whose face value hides a massive pot of possibilities...Great book."


For travel companions, Serkin is assisted by ten top-performing emerging-market investors as they go face-to-face with government and business leaders to weigh risk against reward and assess value. These big-name investors then rank the frontier markets they selected along with the companies visited for potential stock and bond holdings. The results highlight some of today’s cheapest assets as potentially the biggest long-term winners.


The Visited Countries

Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia

The Fund Managers

Franklin Templeton, Mark Mobius
Morgan Stanley, Timothy Drinkall
TCW, Brett Rowley
Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Sean Taylor
Aberdeen Asset Mgt, Kevin Daly
Wells Fargo, Derrick Irwin
, Andras Szalkai
Baillie Gifford, Andrew Stobart
Adelante, Julian Adams
Driehaus, Howie Schwab

  • Frontier is part travelogue, part investment research on one of the hottest topics in finance at the moment: frontier markets, countries far off the beaten track of most money managers. Gavin Serkin is an able guide to these fascinating, recondite corners of world, ably assisted by a slew of prominent investors – including Mark Mobius, a pioneer of emerging market investment. Investors unfamiliar with the new stars of the developing world will find this book an invaluable introduction.

    Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times Deputy Head of FastFT & former Capital Markets Correspondent

  • I love it! Great job! It gives the reader real insights into how these markets behave and, more importantly, how fund managers like us cope. Beautiful descriptive writing.

    Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group

  • Gavin Serkin’s book is a unique combination of expert journalistic insight and knowledge gained from continent to continent, interviewing, learning and using his gifted inner compass to tell a compelling, muscular, engaging and humorous story of the top ten emerging frontier markets. “The book provides the much-needed and indispensable guidance that investors are seeking to understand the complex texture of doing business in a rapidly changing landscape. “Gavin’s enthralling non-fiction travelogue, spiced up with powerful narratives, eye-witness accounts and captivating tales, masterly woven, paints a beautiful portrait – albeit with some dark alleys – of hope among emerging frontier markets where returns are high and irresistible for discerning investors. “The book is a good business companion and could not have arrived at a better time.

    Aliko Dangote, Africa’s Wealthiest Person Dangote Group President & Chief Executive

  • Frontier brings together some of the best known names in emerging markets to portray what is truly happening on the ground in the newest and most exciting investment destinations. Gavin Serkin’s unique approach makes his book incredibly useful, with a compendium of ideas on how to build a portfolio. Better still, the reader absorbs the information while enjoying a compelling travelogue of little charted territories.

    Ivan Ritossa, Chairman of Exotix Barclays Inv Bank former Head of LatAm, Central & East Europe, Mideast & Africa

  • This is essential reading for investors exploring investment frontiers. Gavin Serkin unpacks the good, the bad and the ugly behind the numbers, painting a realistic picture of the challenges and the potential.

    Caroline Lambert, Center for Global Development Visiting Fellow The Economist’s former Bureau Chief in Johannesburg & Author of `Oil to Cash’

  • Gavin Serkin is a journalist well known to veterans of emerging markets. His book is an eclectic rollercoaster presenting a diversity of frontier market experiences from the ground up. It contains fascinating insights into how a cross-section of investors think and perceive risks and opportunities.

    Dr. Jerome Booth, Chairman of New Sparta & Co-Founder of Ashmore Author of ‘Emerging Markets in an Upside Down World: Challenging Perceptions in Asset Allocation & Investment’

  • Frontier takes readers on a journey through some of the world’s most dynamic and high-potential markets. Though blossoming with opportunity, these frontier markets are also rife with challenges, complexities and nuances that affect and transcend asset pricing. By converging historical economic and financial data with vivid storytelling from the field, Frontier is a compelling window into frontier market investing today.

    Tara Sabre Collier, Impact Investing Specialist, GroFin Capital Skoll Scholar, SBS, University of Oxford

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